Our specialisation in designing eCommerce websites allows any business, big or small, the ability to market, promote, sell & track their products online.

Intellitech I.T. Solutions Ltd. will help you get your Ecommerce website online in the shortest possible time-frame, with guidance & assistance with uploading your products, identifying your target market & audience, and managing your expectations.

All shopping carts we supply or identity which fit your businesses requirements are fully integrated with popular electronic payment solutions – some of which include, PayPal, Amazon Payments, Stripe, SagePay and many more.

How We Work

With your business requirements at hand, Intellitech I.T. Solutions Ltd. will assist you with creating a business image (from logos, marketing & press releases) through to designing your eCommerce websites customer facing front-end & management back-end.

Ecommerce Website Design Process

A typical eCommerce site design would involve the following:

  1. Requirements Gathering – here we would gather your requirements, and understand your companies’ products, target audience, target market, your budget, and your time-lines to deployment.
  2. Create a mock-up design – based on the information given to us in the previous step, our design team would create a mock-up of a design which would suite your eCommerce shop (pending your approval).
  3. Once the mock-up has been approved, and / or any changes applied, this would then be converted to an HTML (or similar) format to allow us to proceed with the creation of your eCommerce website.
  4. Once the front-end has been created, a back-end (administration section) would be created for your eCommerce website which would allow you to perform various administrative tasks within your e-commerce shop online.
  5. Payment Gateway Integration – on completion of the front-end and administration section of your eCommerce website, the selected payment gateway(s) would be integrated to allow your website to process and take payment from those who wish to purchase products from your site.
  6. A testing phase would be implement at this stage to allow us to iron out any foreseeable issues which may have arisen in any of the previous stages.
  7. Your eCommerce website would be deployed on the Internet and be open for business!

Why not give us a call today on: +44 (0)845 868 5862 for an informal discussion about how we can help you set-up your eCommerce store online. Alternatively, you can also contact us online and we will be happy to call you back to discuss your requirements.