Web Solutions

Harnessing the power of the Web & Cloud

Web solutions offered by Intellitech will help your business grow & flourish online. Our web solutions are geared towards all sizes of businesses looking to establish, strengthen or diversify their online presence.

  • Domain Name Registration – The first step to get your business name recognised on the web! Additionally, registering and securing your own domain name means you have send & receive e-mails to your customers, clients, friends and get your brand or business name easily recognised.You can check & register a wide variety of popular top-level domain names including .co.uk, .com, .net, .eu as well as specialist domain extensions such as .university, .exchange, .engineering, .trade and more through us.Our real-time domain name availability and registration service can secure your own domain name today. Check your domain name availability & registration here.
  • Web Hosting from Intellitech I.T. Solutions Ltd. ensures that your website or eCommerce web site is always visible online and accessible – with our pricing structured to meet every budget.We offer web hosting to suit different types and sizes of websites, located in almost ALL continents in the world! We offer web hosting in the continental USA & Canada, UK, EU, Asia & Australia.
  • Dedicated Servers – Need to store your business data securely? We offer dedicated servers which can be used for any purpose complete with FREE private & secure VPN connectivity directly from your business into our data centres around the globe.
  • Cloud Hosting with High-availability (HA) – we offer a secure & high-availability cloud environment. Contact us today to find out how we can assist your business cloud hosting requirements.
  • Website Design – Our comprehensive website design service ensures we create a web presence that meets your expectations. Our familiarity with various content management systems (CMS) allows us to recommend & specify, design, develop and launch websites which are fit-for-purpose.Looking for a static or dynamic website (of any size), need to implement shopping cart features into your existing website or create & launch a new ecommerce website? Speak to us before you make your mind up. Contact us today for a complimentary initial consultation.
  • Ecommerce Websites – Need to sell or transact online? Intellitech I.T. Solutions Ltd. can help you get your very own eCommerce website online within the shortest period of time and to your individual budget.
  • Private Clouds – providing a high-availability cloud environment, but on your very own single-tenant cloud infrastructure which can be scalled as and when you require.
  • VPS – provides your business with the guaranteed extra resources your internet or intranet sites may require.
  • SSL (Secure Server Certificates) – make sure your internet communications & transactions are carried out securely. Our selection of SSL providers covers all the leading certification authorities (CA) in addition to all the SSL certificate types available through them.
  • Search Marketing Services – Once your website is up and running, Intellitech I.T. Solutions Ltd can provide you with a complete search engine optimisation & promotion service as well as a social media optimisation package for your business and/or brand. You can request your very own Search Engine Audit Report (normally priced at £250), totally FREE! [popup url=”/web-solutions/search-marketing-services/free-seo-audit-report/”]Request your free SEO Audit Report here.[/popup]
  • Paid Advertisement (PPC) Management – covering the whole of market – Google, Bing, Facebook & Linkedin – we can manage your PPC campaigns easily & affordably for you with amazing results.Social Media Optimisation (SMO) – Is your business popular on the social media scene?


Send us your requirements today, and receive a personalised proposal within 24 hrs for a solution which fits in with your needs & budget.

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