Antivirus & Anti Malware

Securing & Protecting Your IT Infrastructure

You cannot be cautious enough when it comes to viruses affecting IT systems which normally infect an IT system or infrastructure through visting malicious websites or infected equipment being connected to your computers or network without being scanned.

There are numerous occasions when your organisation’s employees surf the web and unknowingly land up on a site that can present a potential threat to your organisation. Some of the sites may be compromised in a way that there may be malware which when downloaded can compromise the security of the data that you have on the desktops and servers.

To help avoid these unforeseen circumstances, Intellitech I.T. Solutions recommends you always be running an up-to-date protection software to mitigate such scenarios & keep your organisations IT systems safe, secure and protected at all times.

With the antivirus and anti malware applications that we recommend & supply, you will be able to:

  • secure your IT systems & network against Web-borne viruses and spyware threats
  • provide 100% protection from known viruses
  • scan all Web requests for malicious code before your employees can access them. These requests can be anything like Web pages, images and larger files such as PDF & other documents trasmitted as file attachments or downloads
  • notify users of actions taken by the service in case security is likely to be breached through their action

Even if the web threats are extremely sophisticated, our recommended products are well equipped to provide sufficient protection to your IT systems and infrastructure through their correct usage.

Intellitech I.T. Solutions Ltd takes pride in the fact our services for the installation of antivirus and anti malware are one of the best available in the market. You will get whatever you need to keep your organisation up and running at prices that are competitive and affordable, allowing us to be the most viable option that you can get.

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