Our Mission

Provide a one-stop, professional, effective, affordable and efficient IT services provider for all categories & tiers of businesses, worldwide.

Our Core Goals

  • Integrity – we strive towards being transparent in the way we conduct our business & transactions.

  • Trust – we always endeavour to create a long-lasting connection between our customers & vendors with mutual trust and respect.

  • Communication – we believe in concise notifications so both our clients & vedors are always up-to-date on any developments that occur.

  • Passion – your success is our success! We work with enthusiam and passion with any size of customer or vendor.

  • Appreciation – we are always grateful for all opportunities we get from our clients & vendors, and we communicate this to them at every opportunity.

Our Experience

IT Consulting - 10+ years
Web Development - 10+ years
IT Solutions & Application Development - 9+ years
Marketing & PR - 5+ years

Our Featured Services

On-time and on-budget – we aim to keep your IT costs down, with realistic deliverables.
Some of our featured services & solutions are highlighted here.


Our Partners & Affiliations

To ensure we always deliver the best product or service to our customers, Intellitech I.T. Solutions Ltd. constantly works in partnership with the leading brand names on the market. Here is a selection of some of the products & labels Intellitech supplies to it’s customers.

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